Have you seen this Person?

Alias:  The Sticker Chick?
AKA Sandy Glade
Owner of Native Ink
She can be found at Bronco Games all around Denver, tailgate parties, pep rallies, parades or anywhere there are Denver Sports fans or Colorado Natives.
Help keep Sandy off the streets, buy your stickers on NATIVE-INK.com!

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native 420 If God's Not a Bronco Fan rocky mtn high 420
Native Broncoholic Not a Native
native 420 2x2 World Champions Never Waste a Nice Day
Rockaholic Broncomanic Avaholic
Rockies Rock Native Fan Avalanche Country
Rock On Redwings Suck


For information on custom stickers please call: (303) 668-6820
or email Sandy@native-ink.com

Previously featured in "Time", "Life", "5280" and "Skiing" magazines.

Native Ink
Littleton, Co 80123

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20 Years in Business!
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