native ink, previously colorado mountain stickers, is proud to provide the 30-year traditional native bumper sticker as well as an entire line of native themed stickers, including the new 420 style and the age old geological city, town or state bumper stickers. also in the line-up are many sports themed bumper stickers for football fans, baseball fans, hockey fans and basketball fans. from the broncos & rockies to the avalanche & nuggets, native ink has something for all denver fans. also, if you dont like the competition, you can proudly show your disdain for the chiefs, raiders or, red wings. for the politically minded, show your support for trump w/ a 'trump that' or simply 'trump' bumper sticker. you can also tell the world that hillary is a 'liar, liar, pantsuit on fire' if you preferthe rest of the classic bumper stickers include 4 wheelin, jeep naked, mountain man or mountain woman as well as various fishing themes. wholesale orders and custom designs also are part of the native ink services. call or email with questions and or suggestions.